• Automatic mixing generates the required light source, and enables stable color detection.
  • Intelligent, digital sensitivity setting, multi digit display, good visual effect, simple and quick.
  • 200μs high speed reaction, a variety of sensing heads are selected and used widely.
Amplifier Parameters
Light source Red LED、Green LED、Blue LED
Reation time 200μs(HSP)/1ms(FINE) 200μs
Indicator Output: Red LED,、External synchronization input:Red LED, Matching rate / received light intensity: LED (green/red) Output: Red LED, matching rate / receiving light intensity: LED (green/red)
Erro display Excessive intensity, lack of light intensity, lack of color difference
Calibration method Single point / two point calibration Two point calibratio
Error value adjustment Digital display number setting
Differential identification model Mode C / mode C+I / mode I Mode C+I
Timing function Timer OFF/ON delay/OFF delay/Single shot
Output selection Match output: when target color meets record connect. Mismatch output: when the target color is different from the record color, connect it
External synchronization input Reaction speed: max.500μs N/A
External calibration input Input reaction time: minimum 20ms N/A
Record color selection Database selection (external input or key operation), no voltage input. N/A
Control output NPN (PNP): Max 40VDC max (100mA), residual voltage: Max 1.0V
Circuit protection Reverse electrode protection (power supply), over current protection (output), and over voltage (output).
Power Supply 12 to 24VDC±10%, Pulse voltage (P-P): maximum 10%
Current consumption Max. 75mA
Ambient brightness filament lamp: Max.5,000lux, sunlight: max.10,000lux
Case material polycarbonate
Weight(with 2m cable) about 170g