• Built in RGB three color light source, with color mode and mark mode.
  • The detection distance is 3 times as high as that of the similar color sensor.
  • The detection return difference can be adjustable, the effect of vibration of the measured object can be eliminated.
  • Light spot size about 1.5*7mm (23mm detection distance)
  • The unique dual mode, with color, color + light intensity detection function, will not be erroneous output in the detection of the edge without background or the critical position without object, and the detection is more stable and reliable.
  • Two point setting
  • Small volume
Sensor Parameters
Type Cable type
Model NPN EB-S11
Detection distance 18 to 28mm
Power voltage 24V DC + 10% pulsation less than P-P10%
Current consumpiton Power less than 850mW (power voltage is 24V, the current consumption is below 35mA).
mark mode Low (ON) 0 to 0.6V DC
Outflow current below 0.5mA Input impedance about 10kΩ
Low (OFF) 0 to 0.6V DC or open
color mode High (OFF) 12 to +V DC or open High (ON) 12 to +V DC
Out flow current below 3mA
Input impedance about 10kΩ
Output NPN Open circuit collector transistor. Maximum inflow current 50mA
- Applied voltage below 30V DC (between output and OV)
- Residual voltage below 1.5V (when current 50mA)*
NPN Open circuit collector transistor Maximum inflow current 50mA.
- Applied voltage below 30V DC (between output and +V)
- Residual voltage below 1.5V (when current 50mA)*
mark mode mark and light matching ON
color mode Color matching ON
Short circuit protection Equipped (automatic recovery)
Reaction time Below 200ps
Ambient temperature -10 to +55°C (no exposed,no freezing)
Ambient humidity 35 to 85%RH, No condensation
Optical element Red / Green / Blue composite LED
(Wave peak/wavelength: 640nm/525nm/470nm)
Material Cage: PBT operation panel: PC operation button: silica gel lens: PC
Cable 0.2mm2 4 core rubber cable standard 2m
Distinction (color matching)
Brown: +V Black: output Pink: mode conversion input blue: OV
Weight about 104g

* specified measurement conditions: ambient temperature +23℃.