Light source Infrared laser(905nm)
Laser safety level Class 1 (GB7247.1-2012, Eye-safe IEC)
Laser spot light diameter 8mm
Laser spot light scan angle 12.5 mrad
Scanning angle range 300°
Scanning frequency 25Hz
Scanning angle resolution 0.5°
Sensing range 0.1m~20m
10% reflectivity range 10m
Outdoor performance Anti-dusty, Anti-sunlight
Rain fog and smoke penetration Supported

Technical Performance

Measurement error
  • System error (typical)
  • Statistical error (1 σ)
5cm 2cm
Built-in application
  • Regional monitoring
  • Monitoring mode: Point number monitoring / target width monitoring / contour monitoring
  • Monitor signal level: Attention /warning / alarrn
  • Number of regional groups: 16 groups, support self-learning background exclusion
  • Concurrent work area group number: 16 (max)
  • Guide the network camera to monitor the target video positioning and tracking
Self-test equipment
  • Contents: Transparent cover dirt / block / high temperature / low temperature
  • Output mode: Indicator + TCP packets

Dimensions (Unit:mm)

Device Interface

Ethernet Rate: 10/100 Mbps
Network protocol: TCP/IP
Function: Device configuration / measurement data output / monitor signal output
I/O Input Quantity: 4
Type: Switching level input
High level range: DC 9V ~ 28V
Low level range: DC OV ~ 5V
Preset function: Monitor area selection (0x0 - OxF)
Regional monitoring disarm / forced alarm,
active level: high level
I/O Output Quantity: 4
Type: PNP OC output Level
voltage: Supply voltage
Power on: High resistance
Preset function: Area monitor signal output /device ready,
active state: high level
Indicator light Quantity: 2
ERR (device alarm: Transparent cover dirt/block, high and low temperature)
HTR (run status indication: detection signal /self-learning / ready to restart)
Front panel button Quantity: 1
Definition: Shielded monitor signal output / start background self-learning / restart device

Electrical / Mechanical Parameters

Operating voltage 9V~28V DC
Power 5W
Outer covering protection rank (IP) IP65 GB4208-2008)
Insulation resistance 1M Ω (GB16796-2009.5.4.4)
Electrical strength 0.5KV GB16796-2009.5.4.3)
Weight 0.6kg
Dimension(L x W x H) 83.5 x 86 x 104.88 (mm)
Electrostatic discharge 6KV (GB/T17626.2-2006, class 3) IEC
Fast bursts 1 KV (GB/T17626.4-2008, class 2) IEC
Electromagnetic field radiation immunity GB/T17626.3-2006, class 2
Surge immunity GB / 717626.5-2008
Power interface: 1.2 / 50 μs, 2KV / 1KA (Class 3)
Ethernet interface: 10 /700 μs, 1KV /25A (Class 2)
I /0 interface: 1.5 / 50 μs, 0.5KV / 0.25KA (Class 1)
  • Single impact
  • Continuous impact
GB/T 2423.5
15g, 11ms
10g, 16ms
  • Frequency Flange
  • Amplitude
GB/T 2423.10
10Hz - 150Hz
Humidity 93%, +40°C, 2h (GB/T 2423.3)
Operating temperature range -25°C - +50°C
Storage temperature range -30°C - +70°C
Ambient illumination range ≤ 70,000lux

Power Interface

  Type Explanation
DC002 Power Female2 pin
Ethernet RJ45 socket 4 pin
I/O Cable 9 pin

Indicators and Operation Buttons


Work fault indicator
  • Startup Status: Bright (About 27s)
  • Always off: No fault
  • Always on: Internal fault
  • Long flicker (0.25Hz): High/low temperature alarm
  • Short flicker (0.5Hz): Transmissive cover is dirty/occluded

Work status indicator
  • Startup status: Light (10s) -.Off (2s)
  • Off: The device did not start measurement/ready to restart
  • Always on: Normal measurement of the device
  • Flash 1(1 Hz): Ready to start self-learning*
  • Flash 2 (0.5Hz): Monitor Signal output
  • Flash 3 (0.25Hz): Self-learning

Operation button
  • Short press 1 (0.5s~1s): Shield (15s) Monitor Signal output
  • Short press 2 (3s~6s): Start background self-learning
  • Long press (⩾6s): Restart the device

* Long press (⩾6s): Restart the device

Measuring Coordinate System / Scan Range / Range

Typical Applications

Avoiding obstacles and collision avoidance

Work Vehicle Collision Avoidance


Operational danger zone dynamic protection

Robot navigation

Service Robot Free Navigation

Safety precaution

Valuable assets stereoscopic care and video