CS-400N Series

This ultrosonatic sensor is based on the principle of linear propagation of high frequency ultrasound. It is used to detect the edge position of coil. Compared with optoelectronic sensor, it is not affected by material transparency, so it is very convenient to use without adjusting. It is suitable for edge-tracing applications of non-permeable materials (such as plastic film, paper, etc.). Not suitable for air permeable materials (such as cloth, non-woven fabrics, etc.)

Functional Characteristics

  • One 0-5VDC analog output.
  • Two NPN switching output.
  • It is suitable for edge-tracing application of transparent, opaque and impermeable film materials.
  • No manual adjustment is required.
  • 200K Ultrasound through beam sensor.
  • Reaction time 0.5MS.
  • Detection range 6mm, detection accuracy 0.05mm
  • With offset display.
  • High-grade aluminium alloy shell, strong and beautiful.

Operation Instructions

There are three state selections for the blind area adjustment function of switching output to meet different detection requirements.

  • Press the SET button for 7 seconds until the middle blue light flashes (the blind zone is 0.5mm in this state).
  • Press the "SET" button and two yellow lights flicker (1.0MM in this state).
  • Press the "SET" button and two red lights flicker (2.0MM in this state).
  • After choosing the above three states, press the SET key for 6 seconds to save the exit and finish.

Technical Parameter

Tracking mode Edge tracking
Voltage input DC10-30V
Output singal 0 5V / two switching signal
Detection range 6mm (± 3.0 mm)
Detection accuracy ± 0.05 mm